University of Manchester Students 

Dr. Iozzo has been mentoring students from the University of Manchester Life Sciences industrial placement program since 1998. The program provides students with indispensable experience of working in a fast-paced research environment, under the supervision of highly experienced seniors. The selected undergraduate students have the opportunity to work as part of a strong team for a year, gaining experience of the day-to-day workings of a lab, in a mature, realistic research environment. Skills gained are highly translational to both final year projects and future employment, and many students are given the opportunity to be involved in grants and published research generated by the team. The lab works with cutting edge technology to elucidate key targets for cancer therapeutics, allowing trainees exposure to complex techniques and develop their scientific knowledge beyond the lecture setting of university.


Working at Thomas Jefferson University, a large and successful Institution located near the historical Constitution Hall of Philadelphia, would also provides invaluable experience of “real” science that is highly reliant on what is required by society, as defined by their health, and driven by public funding. The university provides trainees with exposure to accomplished researchers, well established laboratories and pioneering research techniques in an interdisciplinary setting, providing students with a greater insight into the importance and necessity of collaborative science in order to overcome the challenges of scientific discovery.

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Elizabeth Natkanski

2008-2009 While in DR. Iozzo's lab, Elizabeth was studying proteoglycans in cancer biology. Elizabeth is currently doing a Ph.D. in the Department of Immune Cell Biology at the National Institute for Medical Research in London. Her project focuses primarily on indentifying the mechanisms of B Cell Receptor internalisation.